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The Central Wikia is the central hub of the Wikia network. Originally, it used to host pages on single Wikia wikis. Now, it only hosts portals to other wikis in its "Hub:" namespace. Other language versions may still document wikis in their content namespace.

Translations of pages on the Central Wikia, like help pages are welcome. If Central does not yet exist in your language, you can use CreateWiki to start it.


The Central Wikia is available in the languages below.


Language Community Central Wikia Homepage Contact
English Community Central Wikia Wikia Staff @Wikia
Italiano (Italian) Wiki della Community N/A leviathan_89, Paolino Paperino
Nederlands (Dutch) Centrale Wikia community N/A Yatalu, Flightmare
Suomi (Finnish) Yhteisöwiki N/A Elseweyr
Polski (Polish) Centrum Społeczności Wikia Baakamono, Nanaki, Vuh


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