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Wikia Spotlights are images that appear on each Wikia page that link to other Wikia sites.

How to get a spotlight

Spotlights are now being accepted for any language, except for:

  • ca: Per spotlights en català mira aquí.
  • en: For English spotlights, please visit this page.
  • es: Para spotlights en español mira aquí.
  • fr: Pour les wikis à la une en français, voir ici.
  • ja: 日本語のスポットライトについては、こちらをご覧ください。
  • it: Per gli spotlight italiani, vedi qui.
  • nl: Voor Nederlandstalige spotlights, zie deze pagina.
  • pt: Para pedidos em português, por favor, veja aqui.
  • pl: Aby zgłosić polskojęzyczny spotlight, zobacz tę stronę.
  • ru: Для Русскоязычных баннеров см. здесь.
  • vi: Để yêu cầu làm nổi bật cho wiki tiếng Việt, xin đến trang này.
  • zh: 申请中文聚光灯,请登陆社区中心论坛留言进行申请。


For all other languages spotlights where are accepted:

1) Wiki requirements

The wiki should have:

  • at least 100 good pages.
  • a logo.
  • a useful home page.
  • most pages in a category.
  • a customized New Wikia Look.

2) Create the spotlight image


Example plan of a spotlight.

Image guide
  • Your picture sent to us will go into the background
  • 1) is the name of your wiki. For example "Narutopedia" or "Mad Men Wiki"
  • 2) is a short description what your wiki and/or the picture itself is about. If you refer to a special subject, please note that. You should be sending this description sentence both in English and the language you request your spotlight for

Provide an image to use as the spotlight that is wider than 255px and taller than 123px tall. The image should clearly show what the wiki is about. Please make sure that the image is wider than it is tall, so it fits the ratio of the spotlight better and won't be cut off unexpectedly. Do not provide heavily compressed images.

Upload the image to your request page once created.

If you have questions about international spotlights, or if you would like some help designing a spotlight, please leave a talk page message for Yatalu.

3) Create a request on this wiki

  1. Go to Wikia Translators:International Spotlights
  2. Include a link to the image you uploaded
  3. Include some text so that people know the spotlight is for a wiki in your language. Your text should be as few as possible and be related to the topic of the wiki, see box on the right for more infos.
  4. Tell staff which wiki you want to spotlight, url to your wiki is required as well as the wiki name of your wiki and/or topic written in your language. (especially needed if it's a non-Latin language)
Please be patient - your request will be reviewed in the next 5-10 work days. If there are any problems, please ask here.

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